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Why we don’t need another landfill –

The Ottawa Citizen – 31 July 2013 By Bob Desjardins The proposal process for a new waste facility in Carlsbad Springs proves the Ministry of the Environment approval system needs an overhaul. Taggart-Miller plans a 450-acre landfill and recycling facility on Boundary Road for garbage classed as institutional, commercial and industrial as well as construction and demolition. This sector of the waste industry is provincially regulated, although the city also needs to give its approval. Only 12 to 15 per cent is recycled and diverted from landfills. What a perfect opportunity for the city to say No to more landfills until the province has a clear strategy to deal with these types of waste. Incredibly, the MOE evaluation process does not even consider the actual need for a landfill. Given the enormous profit to be made from landfills, unneeded dumps in our province will proliferate until this blatant omission is fixed. Just as incredibly, the company (which stands to make millions annually) is allowed to conduct the only environment study required for approval. No peer review by any government agencies provincial or municipal. Affected citizens are left to fend for themselves, scrambling to find funds and experts to defend our drinking water, streams, wildlife and the changes to our way of life that a mega landfill four times the size of the Carp dump brings. At an open house in Carlsbad Springs in February, the company said it expected to find up to seven species at risk on the Boundary Road site in its environmental assessment. Isn’t it the MOE’s mandate to protect such species? Drinking water is another huge issue. The wells of many residents and farms are within one kilometre of this proposed dump. Leachate escapes the boundaries of a landfill at some point; when it does, these wells eventually will become toxic. There is no question about that. For the MOE to allow this to happen would be downright immoral. There are already five major landfills in the Ottawa Valley, plus numerous township dumps: Carp Road (Waste Management): IC&I and C&D Trail Road (city owned): residential garbage Navan Road (BFI): IC&I and C&D Springhill Road city owned (Tomlinson operated): Residential and C&D Moose Creek (Lafleche Environmental): residential, IC&I and C&D The Lafleche dump is only about 20 minutes east of Carlsbad. Lafleche was recently approved for a new transfer station in the Vars Industrial Park, also near Carlsbad. According to MOE figures, the Lafleche dump received 281,461 tonnes in 2011. That’s 475,000 tonnes short of what it is licensed to receive. On May 28, Lafleche opened a new transfer station in Belleville, trying to draw closer to its allowable limit of 755,000 tonnes per year by drawing garbage from Belleville and southern Ontario. According to an Ottawa Citizen report on April 10, 2006, the Lafleche dump took in 40,000 tonnes of Toronto garbage each year. Will yet more Toronto garbage be coming to Ottawa? Some residents here are convinced this is the case, based on reliable reports that trucks from southern Ontario come every day to dump in Ottawa now. The city has no idea where the garbage comes from. These are private dumps and IC&I and C&D garbage is provincially regulated. Once these landfills receive MOE approval, they can accept garbage from anywhere in the province and the city is out of the loop. So where is the need for this proposed dump? Surely this is only about generating huge profits, not about need or recycling and diversion. The point is that abundant capacity for waste exists now in our area, and recycling already costs more that straight disposal. If additional, unnecessary landfill capacity is built, it will drive down dumping fees, making recycling even less likely. If we want better diversion rates, we cannot keep adding extra landfill space. Don’t buy into the argument that Ottawa has to ship garbage to New York state because of a shortage of landfill space. We ship garbage to New York because it’s cheaper; tipping fees are $20 a tonne there and $90 a tonne here. It’s time we wake up and modernize our stone-age way of dealing with waste. There are cleaner emerging technologies like gasification, which is used in Europe, Japan and many U.S. states, which has an added benefit of generating electrical power. The air pollution is minimal, certainly no worse than the thousands of gallons of diesel fuel used to truck garbage from southern Ontario and Toronto to the Ottawa Valley and New York state or from Western Ontario to Michigan. There is no need to pollute our streams and our wells. There is no need to displace wildlife. There is no need to decrease the chances of our species at risk.

Rural Villages Battling Biggest Dump Planned in Ottawa

Historic Carlsbad Springs, Vars and Edwards are peaceful villages in Ottawa’s Eastern Greenbelt Area. Taggart Miller abruptly moved their planned dump to Ottawa’s Eastern Greenbelt Area in 2012 when Russell Township politicians didn’t support another dump in their area. Taggart (Tamarack Homes) and Miller (Waste) want to build a 450 acre waste disposal site with facilities to divert only 12 to 30% of the garbage they accept, 70 to 88% of the garbage would be buried in their new privately-run landfill, Ottawa’s largest. The waste that is being collected and landfilled is not residential waste (which is taken care of by the City of Ottawa), this is waste from private institutions, private businesses, malls, shopping centres, garages, etc. – which Taggart Miller would be contracting for. Other waste companies are building East-end sorting facilities to recycle the exact same garbage WITHOUT any new landfills. Ottawa already has 4 large landfills within the city limits and does not need another one. More waste needs to be sorted and recycled, not buried forever in yet another landfill. Contact your MPP and speak out against this terrible project. Contact your ward councillor and let them know you care about the Greenbelt and the future – encourage your elected officials to fight this bloated, destructive project. Visit www.dumpthisdump2.ca and get involved to help the citizens in the East End – this issue impacts our whole region and we need to stand together!

Survey!  Don’t let Carlsbad Springs go to Waste….

The City of Ottawa is conducting a survey regarding the long-term waste management plan. You can find it at: http://richardsoncorridor.us2.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=4c759c5ee9193bc37639b04e3&id=9f4b13a811&e=8cd4076ec3

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Start here. From time to time we will post relevant information that will help keep you informed. The attached pdf is a form letter. This letter is addressed to Jeffrey Dea. It will help you tell Mr Dea to reject the proposal. You can copy and paste the letter into an email, or print it and mail it. NEWSLETTERS 201211 Newsletter (En) form letter sept 2012 Two Information Sessions were held in Vars and Carlsbad Springs (on Sept 4, 2012 and Sept 18, 2012) to inform the residents surrounding the area of the proposed CRRRC waste and diversion facility proposed by Taggart Miller Environmental Services, at the intersection of Boundary Rd and Divide Rd, of the approval process, and how everyone can help to prevent this dump from being built! The following PowerPoint presentation is from the Vars and Carlsbad Springs Information session Sep 4 18 Presentation (BW) – Updt Carlsbad The following PowerPoint presentation is from the Russell presentation, but contains information that will help us in our fight! DTDN Presentation – RHS – Sep 25