For immediate release – May 30, 2016 

Ottawa area Anti-Dump Coalition increases pressure on governments  

“Dump The Dump Together” continues to speak out against Ottawa’s latest and largest mega-dump project, and they want elected officials to support their “NO MORE DUMPS” message. If built, Taggart-Miller’s 450 acre “CRRRC” facility would feature a colossal un-lined landfill for heavy industrial waste, and some recycling activities, if those prove profitable.

Dump the Dump Together engaged politicians and the public throughout the 5-week final public comment period on the dump, which ended May 20. After holding three public meetings, signing and sending 1675 letters of concern, receiving an endorsement from the Ontario Green Party, and picketing 2 local MPP offices, Dump the Dump Together wrapped things up at City Hall.  Three local residents addressed Ottawa’s Environment Committee meeting on May 17, reminding Councillors that serious concerns remain unresolved during this final opportunity for the City to engage in the provincial EA process. Highlighted issues included:

  • Government of Ontario figures showing Eastern Ontario already has approved landfill space (2.3 million tonnes) for twice as much garbage as the Region produces every year (1.1 million tonnes)
  • The net Green House Gas impact of the waste project hasn’t been compared to the existing forest on the site, which cleans carbon out of the air
  • There is nothing in the project description that guarantees recycling of the waste it would accept
  • “the site isn’t right” because of the soft, wet Leda clay and high-risk layers of sand

The City of Ottawa captured some of these concerns in remarks added to the City’s Response to the Ministry of the Environment, which was approved at City Council on May 25. “We commend the City on their support of the Suzuki Blue Dot movement and declaration for all citizens’ right to a healthy environment” says Sue Langlois, president of the Carlsbad-based Dump This Dump 2 campaign. The group hopes Council will join them in putting pressure on the Provincial government to reject the project. The Provincial decision on the CRRRC landfill is anticipated later this year.

The comments period has closed, but consultation remains an open issue. Harry Baker, president of the Russell based Dump the Dump Now Campaign noted “The Ministry Review of the project’s Environmental Assessment was not fully translated into French failing to properly respect the rights of Francophone residents in the community. Since the Ministry’s Review arrived a year later than expected, the lack of translation is especially frustrating”.
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